Author Richard Van Camp's "What's the Most Beautiful Thing You Know About Horses?" Illustrated by George Littlechild

George Little Child is Metis from the Plains Cree Nation and now lives in Vancouver.

Born August 16, 1958 in Edmonton, Alberta and knew from a young age that he had a special talent as an artist to share with the world.

From the age of five until he was eighteen, George Littlechild lived with his foster-mother.  She was a very caring person and was largely responsible for nurturing his artistic and creative abilities. As a youngster, she sent him to art lessons, encouraged him to pursue his art throughout his school years, and insisted he go to Art College.

Littlechild wrote and illustrated a book called, This Land Is My Land which won the Jane Addams Picture Book Award and the National Parenting Publications Gold Medal.

“Cultural traditions are illustrated with brilliantly coloured, highly decorative and witty paintings…Image and text play with the differences between Van Camp, who belongs to “Dog People” and Littlechild, “who belongs to the horses of the Plains tradition, within the context of contemporary Aboriginal family’s daily life…  Thevalue of textuality for the preservation of culture and the transmission of oral narratives across time and space as witness to the place of Aboriginal people in contemporary society remains a powerful motivator for Indigenous creators of children’s literature.Cree writer and illustrator George Littlechild describes his work as reflecting the themes of First Nations experience: ‘that culturally we have survived; that we have risen above our historical experiences; that society has a lot to learn from First Nations culture and people; and that what we have to give to society is important” (Picturing Canada, 2010, p203-09).


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